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"Professional Free Link & Track Service That Can Boost Your
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Short Links With Full Tracking, Daily Statistics and Much More!


HopURL.com is the best tool I find out for link management.

Not only HopURL makes my links tiny, it also let me track the statistics of my links in details. HopURL.com is definitely one of my top secret weapons!

Michael James



Why you should start using HopURL right now?

Make Your Links Shorter - Make your link short and avoid losing clicks and earnings due to broken links. Your links will by tiny and will look like this: http://hopurl.com/53224
Get Detailed Statistics For Every Link - Find out exactly how many unique and non-unique visitors clicked your links daily, weekly and monthly.
Cloak Your Affiliate Links - Protect your earnings.
Don't get robbed by PPC and Affiliate Programs - Know exactly how many unique visitors have clicked your links, and how many traffic you sent out! They won't control your numbers anymore!
Dynamic Links - Stop Losing Traffic! - You can always change the URL where the HopURL redirects to, so all the links you already have out there are never gone, and redirects to your new URLs!
Measure Conversion Rate - With HopURL you can find exactly the conversion rate of every link.
Ad Splitters - Quickly Find Best Conversions - With ad splitters you can send visitors from a single ad or link to several differnet landing pages, and know exactly which landing page convert the best!
Maximize Your Marketing Efforts - Compare between serveral link statistics in one screenshot, and find out easily which of your promotions perform the best!
And best of all - HopURL is FREE!


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